Project Description

 'Tehranscape' is a collaborative ongoing project (since 2016) which aims to explore the sonar qualities of the soundscapes in the city of Tehran by providing an archive of soundscapes from the whole region. Such archive can either be used beyond as a toolbox for the sound artists to include in their artworks/ film postproduction or other creative purposes, it can possess satistical data on the long-run.


To be more precise about this project, it actually started as a set of field recording sessions in January 2016 which were indeed  the output from a field recording workshop during the sixth series of 'Limited Access' Festival where the participation of a number of Iranian sound-enthusiasts and artists was supervised by Leonie Roessler (NL). To contribute to this project, artists would wait for the open-calls and to upload their field recordings via the Google Drive to share their material with other contributors of the project through a creative commons copyright licensing; this vault of sounds would turn into a tremendous and orderly archive. So let's grab the audio recorders and microphones and keep in touch for the next open-call.