SonicTehran Network

Sonic Tehran is an interdisciplinary project exploring Tehran as a sounded space and funded by the Leverhumle Trust. The project is located at the intersection of ethnomusicology, sound studies and urban studies and its central questions address the relationship between sound and urban space. The project asks how sound shapes, and is shaped by, the urban environment.  Read more…

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Leonie Roessler – Iran-India: Two Sonic Journeys

Leonie Roessler is a composer, performer, and sound artist based in The Hague. She works extensively with field recordings, which she uses for installations, radio works, and live performances.
Her two-track album “Iran-India” is made of field recordings that she took in Goa in 2017 during The Story of Space Festival, and in Isfahan, Tehran, and Shiraz between 2016 and 2019, while she was in residence at Limited Access Festival and New Media Society.
***Digital album comes with a HQ booklet..

released August 11, 2020

The first track “Isfahan-Shiraz-Tehran” is a lush and roaring trip through a country that is equally colourful in sight and sound. Copper smiths at the bazaar in Isfahan, horses decorated with silver bells, mosques, recycling trucks with monotonous calls and children playing outside – all worked into a rich, sweeping tapestry.
“From Panjim into the Mangrove Forest”, the second journey on the album, takes the listeners across the Panjim river into the busy inner city, and then out into the mangrove forest with its mysterious sounds of seeds popping and strange bird calls. This journey through a state that is equally colourful in sight and sound, ends at the bustling Panjim Bus Stand.
While the majority of the sounds for these two pieces appear in their pure state, certain layers slowly modulate through audio-processing, adding a surreal quality to this work of symphonic character.
Iran-India is going to be released on August 11th, and will be available on all major online music distribution platforms, including Bandcamp and Spotify.


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Dock – Ancien Palais de Justice

Dock / Ancien Palais de Justice is a Sound installation and listening space by Paul Devens with Justin Bennett at Les Brasseurs art contemporain, Liège; it is coordinated and curated by Les Brasseurs (Jérôme Mayer and Corentin Lahaye), Paul Devens and Cedrik Fermont.

The installation ‘Dock / Ancien Palais de Justice’ invites the visitor to walk around in a construction, based upon the original floor plan of the old courthouse. This is indicated by microphone stands and running audiotape, which links the resonance of a past to recorded sounds of today.
The ideas on habitat and identity, colored in a personal human environment, and how it changes when the situation is transitional, opened up ways to invite a number of sound artists to compose a dedicated soundscape for this project. A listening space is equipped with a surround installation to serve a spatial experience of these contributions, curated by Cedrik Fermont and Paul Devens.

With contributions of:
Anne Wellmer (DE/NL)
Cedrik Fermont (CG/BE/DE)
Christian Galarreta (PE/FR)
Cilia Erens (NL)
Elise ‘t Hart (NL)
Elsa M’Bala (CM/DE)
Eran Sachs (IL)
Erdem Helvacioǧlu (TR/US)
France Jobin (CA)
Jett Ilagan (PH)
Justin Bennett (GB/NL)
Kamran Sadhegi (IR/US)
Leonie Roessler (DE/NL/US)
Lloyd Dunn (CZ/UK)
Mike Kramer (NL)
Raul Keller (EE)
Robert Curgenven (AU/IE)
Simon Weins (DE/GB)
Stelios Manousakis (GR/NL)
Soheil Soheili (IR)
Zeno van den Broek (NL/DK)

Dock / Ancien palais de justice from Paul Devens on Vimeo.

More Information of this Exhibition below:

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Establishment of ‘Noise à Noise’

‘Noise à Noise’ is an open-community and a Tehran-based, independent, artist-run record label with the same title (since 2018) for experimental and noise music artists from Iran, or those who have a bond with this culture or the art-scene. It indeed prioritizes and values meaningful intercultural activities and approaches to theory and art.

The label started as a platform that supported the pieces by experimental-music artists in the form of  quarterly compilation album releases and has an interest in the release and promotion of field-recording albums.

Read more here :


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Leonie Roessler – Tehrsfahan, A Sound Collage

Leonie Roessler recorded all the material used in these collages during her residency at New Media Society in Iran.
Isfahan and Tehran are made of field recordings of various environments of these cities, from the old bazaar to the metro.
Tehrsfahan ties these two movements together. It is a puzzle which only uses short motives of Isfahan and Tehran. At first they appear quickly one after another in succession, but are slowly pulled apart to reveal their identities.
These tracks are both music and a document of a certain moment in time. Just as the world is ever changing, so are the sounds around us.Originally released on a C-45 cassette (Red Coral) with cover and insert and a green case by Musica Dispersa Tapes with reference MDT0017.
released August 1, 2017

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Tehranscape V.1 [Exhibition and Open-call]

Soundscapes Of Tehran

Sound installation, analog landscape photography photos and the printed Open-call text for the visitors in the center of Gallery in Rooberoo Mansion, January 2017.

A sound installation with the soundscapes of Tehran, along with a set of analog landscape photography in an event organized by ‘House No. 4’; “Days Of Experimental Sounds” was an exhibition and festival for experimental sounds, visual and plastic arts (2017) in Rooberoo Mansion.

House No.4 is an independent artist community in Tehran founded in 2014 by Mehdi “Peter Pirhosseinlou”. In recent years, House No.4  has been formed as a team focused on organizing musical events. House No.4 is an independent artist community in Tehran founded in 2014 by Mehdi “Peter Pirhosseinlou”. In recent years, House No.4  has been formed as a team focused on organizing musical events. 

 The installation was run during an event which took place in ‘Rooberoo Mansion’, also marking the first place to announce the open-call that we announced. Rooberoo is a cultural hub founded in 2016 and located in Tehran. Established in one of the oldest mansions in Vali-e-Asr district in central parts of Tehran.

Footage of the audience for the performances in the art gallery as a part of the First Edition of “Days Of Experimental Sounds”


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About “Soundscapes Of Tehran”

Soundscapes of Tehran (also ‘Tehranscapes’) started as an ongoing research project (since 2016) during the translation of a number of essential articles on the subjects of Urban Planning and Sound Theory by Soheil Soheili. This project aims to capture, archive and explore the sonar qualities of the soundscapes in the city of Tehran, especially across the urban areas with population density.  It also seeks to support and reflect upon notions and past studies on urban planning and ethnomusicology. Of course, other creative purposes that would follow can also be very useful, namely for sound artists, ad people who are active for film post-production. ‘Studio A’ would be our production partner throughout the process. 

Before the soundwalk with ARUMAN, Soheil Soheili, Mohammad Famouri at Leonie Roessler’s workshop during Limited Access Festival in 2016.

Being more precise, Tehranscapes started following a field-recording workshop by  the field-recording artist and composer Leonie Roessler (NL) in January 2016 regarding the technical and artists aspects of sound-walks during the sixth edition of of ‘Limited Access’ a Festival for moving images, sound and performance both in New Media Society Tehran and Esfehan. 

Contribution for this project is closed, but people who have submitted their material here will be asked about their rights prior to sharing or disclosing them to the public or other contributors (creative commons copyright licensing).

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